A Pair of Jeans

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A Pair of Jeans ist eine Kurzgeschichte von Qaisra ShahrazWikipedia-logo.png.

Die Kurzgeschichte A Pair of Jeans von Qaisra Shahraz gehört zu den Texten für das Schwerpunktthema "One Language - Many Voices. 20th Century English Short Stories" in Baden-Württemberg im Fach Englisch ab dem Abitur 2007.

Charaktere (Englisch)

Miriam (living in 2 worlds: Muslim outfit (moves very elegantly, in control of herself), Western dress (insecure, ashmed as soon as she enters the Muslim world, independent), she studies at the university.

Fatima: Miriam’s Mother, accepts Western way of living, but expects her to behave as a Muslim for her parents-in-law

Ayub: Farook’s Father, dominates the relationship, traditional role

Begum: Farook’s Mother, has to bring the bad news to the family

Farook: arranged marriage with Miriam

Zusammenfassung des Inhalts (Englisch)

Miriam, a Pakistan woman, and Farook want to marry. One day Ayub and Begum come to visit Miriam to speak about the marriage. They see Miriam in Western clothes showing her midriff. They are shocked about Miriams clothes. Miriams changes her clothes, but when she comes back, Ayub and Begum leave soon. When they are back home, Ayub decides to cancel the marriage. Begum tries to help Miriam, but in the end she gives in. Begum had to bring the bad news to Fatima. When Miriam gets to know that the marriage is cancelled...

1. ending: ...she’s angry and takes out her anger on her clothes by pulling them out of the wardrobe --> she is a victim, passiv

2. ending: ...she calls Farook to explain to sitiation --> she is active, self-confident

Both endings are open endings.

Hauptthemen (Englisch)

  1. clash of cultures
  2. life of foreigners in Britain
  3. role of women
  4. identity
  5. traditional values of different cultures
  6. generation gap
  7. parental authority
  8. male authority

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