A Meeting in the Dark

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A Meeting in the Dark ist eine Kurzgeschichte von Ngugi wa Thiong’oW-Logo.gif(English).

Die Kurzgeschichte A Meeting in the Dark von Ngugi wa Thiong’o gehört zu den Texten für das Schwerpunktthema "One Language - Many Voices. 20th Century English Short Stories" in Baden-Württemberg im Fach Englisch ab dem Abitur 2007.


John, a young and well-educated man, will soon go to University. The whole village is very proud of him, he is well known and everybody likes him. His father, a local preacher called Stanley, is especially proud of him. Stanley has converted to Calvinism because his son is the fruit of a sin, which means that Stanley had "sinned" before he and his wife Susana were married. Stanley wants his son to “grow in the Lord”, which means that he wants to control his son’s life in nearly every aspect. John’s girlfriend Wamuhu is a native girl from the village. John knows that his father would never accept his relationship to the girl because she is circumcised. When John gets to know that Wamuhu is pregnant he is getting into a panic because of his future, but in effect he is afraid of his father’s reaction. In despair he kills her, because Wamuhu doesn’t want to take the money he offers her.

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