Shakespeare/Ordering tickets

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  1. You want to go out with a friend.
    • First discuss what you want to do.
    • Then call the box office and order tickets.
      Write down some talking points and then act out your dialogue with a partner.
  2. Do the interactive exercises on the bottom of the page!

Shakespeare’s Globe

LOCATION: Shakespeare’s Globe
21 New Globe Walk
London SE1 9DT

BY UNDERGROUND: To Mansion House, Blackfriars or Cannon Street (District & Circle lines); London Bridge (Jubilee & Northern lines); Southwark (Jubilee line); Southwark (Jubilee line); Saint Paul’s (Central line)

BY BUS: Via Blackfriars Bridge, Cannon Street, Mansion House, Southwark Street & Southwark Bridge Road

BOX OFFICE: Open 10 am – 7pm Mon-Sat and 1 hour before Sunday performances

TEL. BOOKINGS: With credit card or payment in person within 3 working days.

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7401 9919

'TICKETS: £5 - £32.50

  1. You want to book tickets for a Shakespeare play, but don’t have any information on the show. Think of at least four questions you would ask. Ask your partner who has to find the answers from the website.
  2. Then change the roles. You’re going to be the box office assistant and answer your customer’s questions.

Interactive Exercises


Agree using "so", "neither" or "nor"

I like this band   So do I .
I didn't know they were so great!   Neither did I .
I am surprised they play here   So am I .
We didn't go to the last concert.   Neither did we .
I can see perfectly from here.   So can we .
I am hungry.   So am I .

2. Agree using "so", "neither" or "nor".

I like this band. - So do I() .

But I don't like the new front singer. - Neither do I() .

I have bought all their albums. - So have I () .

I'm going to go to their next concert. - So am I() .

Showing that you're listening

Put in the expressions to show that you are listening.

I went to the concert last week.

Really? How was it?

Great. There were about 500 people.

Wow. I didn't expect that many.

The box office


What do the following words mean? Match the expressions with their corresponding definitions.

A I'd rather ....   I'd prefer ...
B I'd better go ...   I should go ...
C If I were you, ...   ... in your position.
D I'm afraid I can't ...   I' m sorry but ...


box office: Can I help you?
customer:   "Yes, I'd like to know if there are any tickets for "WE will rock you!" left (übrig)?
box office: I'm afraid (tut mir leid, dass...) we have only seats in the first row."
customer: Oh dear (Ach du meine Güte). I'd rather (lieber) something else. ....