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Robin Hood Festival 2020[1]

Monday 3 to Sunday 9 August 2020 | 11am - 4pm

Sherwood Forest

Free Entry | £6 Parking Per Vehicle | Programme available for £2 (Contains map, performance times, and kids trail)

The Robin Hood Festival returns for it 36th year in 2020 at Sherwood Forest.

Organised by the RSPB, expect a fun filled week-long festival that has something for everyone! There will be lots to keep your children entertained throughout the day along with lots of wonderful nature to discover in the forest too.


Comedy, magic tricks, potions, medieval music, falconry, wacky characters... there's a host of amazing performances lined up throughout the week!

Each day you'll be able to see a brand-new live show featuring Robin Hood, his merry men, Marian and the Sheriff. The spectacular, action-packed show by​​​​​​ Cavalry of Heroes features horse stunts, archery, staff fighting and – of course – jousting!

There will also be a variety of roaming performers, who you might encounter throughout the forest at any time! There’s tons of other stuff to do around the site too; from browsing some of the fantastic stalls to trying out some fun stuff in the activity zone.

Enjoy seven days of live re-enactments, song, dance, storytelling, sword-fighting, archery and adventures with the outlaws. You might even meet the legend himself …

You’ll find food and drink stalls, craft stands, demonstrations, medieval music, have-a-go archery and plenty of activities that will immerse you in the legends of Sherwood. A great way to make the most of the summer holidays, the Robin Hood Festival has been loved by families and Robin fans since 1984.


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3. Gib 3 Beispiele, welche Aufführungen dort stattfinden werden.

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Robin Hood

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