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Life of Martin Luther

Don't google the answers - You'll find everything in the links given!

A. Open this website:

  1. Why did he decide to become a Monk?
  2. When did he decide to become a Monk?
  3. When did he become a professor at Wittenberg (Germany) university?

B. Answer these questions using the maps at

  1. Where did followers of Martin Luther’s ideas (Lutherans) live?
  2. Where did followers of another reformer, John Calvin (Calvinists) live?
  3. WWas the majority of Europe Catholic or Protestant during the reformation?

C. Find out what Martin Luther believed about Faith. Read the passage in the following link and fill out the chart.

D. Use the following website to fill in the table below on Luther’s 95 Theses. *

Cause Event Effect
Why was Luther upset with the church? What did he do about it? What was the reaction to the 95 Theses?

An indulgence is

5. Complete the following chart using

Cause Event Effect
Luther is excommunicated (explain what happened)

Luther arrived on April 16, 1521

Diet of Worms (explain what it was)