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Use interesting words. - Yes, but which words are more interesting than normal ones?

Don't use simple words like "go", "see" or "do".

Use more interesting synonyms!


Means of transport (how you go)



  • on foot
  • barefoot


  • a horse
  • your bike
  • a bus / train / plane

get on / off

  • a bus

go by car, bus, plane …

  • drive a car (sitting at the steering-wheel)
  • fly a plane by yourself

directions (where you go)

🡕 go up, climb, ascend
take the elevator/escalator up


turn, bend off, change your direction

🡖 go down, descend, I nearly tripped and stumbled down

leave, depart |⟶ arrive, come home,
reach our destination

go back, return

⟶ 🏘 go inside, enter, board (a plane/ship)
(appear, show up)

how fast you go

🧍 standing

  • move slowly, take a stroll
  • walk stealthily, to sneak (sneakers are shoes you can't hear)

🚶 walking quickly, hurrying, rushing

🏃 running, racing to the finish-line

→ dash, gallop, jog, sprint, trot

Interactive Exercises

to go

go away leave depart go off slip by
go forward proceed progress advance
go to the place
where you wanted to go
arrive come
start going set out set off get under way
go on continue carry on
go along pass go past

to walk

to walk very quickly stride march pace
to walk quietly with light steps tiptoe creep sneak
to walk for exercise and enjoyment hike go for a walk/take a walk trek go for a stroll stretch your legs
to walk around a place without any particular aim walk around wander roam
to walk through water wade paddle

to walk slowly and with difficulty,
for example because of illness, pain, or old age
hobble shuffle limp
to walk slowly and in a relaxed way stroll amble
to walk proudly swagger strut parade
a group of people, especially soldiers,
walk together at the same speed
march walk in step