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This is the template:webmo staff. It fills the page User:webmo_staff.username.

Please note: Each user page is created automatically by the CargoUserManagement extension when a staff member/user creates a wiki account upon invitation or the Special:CreateAccount page. The extension fills the fields webmo_staff.wiki_db_id and webmo_staff.username. The remaining fields can be edited by the user herself via the form:webmo staff. New fields can be added to the webmo_staff table and won't interfere with the CargoUserManagement extension.

1) the form:webmo staff does not create user pages.
2) For reasons of consistency the email is not stored in the CargoDB. For example, if a user changes her user settings in the Wiki preferences, the CargoDB would not update automatically and old emails will pop up here and there. When needed, the email can be retrieved via the CargoUserManagement parser function {{#getEmail:username}} from the Wiki DB directly.

Diese Vorlage definiert die Tabelle „webmo_staff“. Tabelle ansehen.