Simulated Situation/Making Choices

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  1. Read the text below.
  2. Do some example tasks in the app (link below).
    1. What is the best choice?
    2. Which item / activity wouldn't you choose?

Making a choice

This part of the Speaking Test is not only about making choice but also about the best way to come to that decision.

This is not about picking the best prompt and saying "Well take this!". You should talk to each other and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the ideas given to you.

Finding a strategy

Filling the 4 (or 5 minutes in year 10) is not too difficult. You are given a picture with some ideas to help you. Not all of theses pictures are truly clear and not all ideas are really interesting. It wouldn't be enough just to pick the first and and deicde on this.

I would recommend to develop a strategy:

  1. Have a first look!
    1. What is the best choice?
    2. Which item / activity wouldn't you choose?
  2. If there is one idea you don't fully understand, → feel free to ask your partner (not your teacher)
  3. If there are some details not defined in the situation → feel free to make them up as you go
    …with friends and their child …'
    "How old is Peter, do you remember?"
    "Last March he turned six - Don't you remember his birthday party?""
    "Sure how could I forget!"
  4. Talk about all the ideas given in the picture.
    1. First choose the worst / least attractive idea.
    2. Give reasons for that! They can be unrealistic / funny / provocative.
    This will start your conversation and soon you'll have a lively disucssion going!

Coming to a dacision

The teacher won't interrupt you but after some time you should come to a decision.

  1. Suggest one of the better ideas and ask your partner of his / her opinion.
  2. If your partner agrees you've carried out your task!
    That's the end of the test!

Example Tasks