Educating Rita/Two ways to approach literature

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How to approach literature?

Rita's approach to literature Requirements for "proper students"

p. 24

  • appreciation
  • a descrptive piece
  • ® "crap"

p. 25

  • Howard's End = "crap"
  • "We are not concerned with the poor" = crap

p. 30

  • It's boron
  • He doesn't half get on my tits.
  • reference to Harold Robbins


  • D.H. Lawrence (Sons and Lovers)
  • Harold Robbins ( A Stone for Danny Fisher)
  • Somerset Maugham (Of Human Bondage)
  • ® all read in one week!

p. 33

  • Peer Gynt - "do it on the radio"
  • I encapsulated all my ideas into one line

p. 36

  • What I learn from you about art an' literature , it feeds me inside.

p. 24

  • criticism is purely objective
  • it is never subjective
  • sentiment has no place

p. 25

  • you cannot interpret Forster from a Marxist point of view.

p. 26

  • "Literature can ignore the poor
  • You have to begin to discipline that mind of yours

p. 30

  • Devouring pulp fiction is not being well read

p. 31

  • You've got to be selective
  • You seem to be under the impression that all books are literature
  • It's a question of becoming discering in your choice

p. 34

  • It's a sort of accepted ritual, a game with rules
  • You must observe those rules
  • A clever answer is not necessarily the correct answer
  • outline your reasons supporting them with quotes from accepted authorities

p. 37

  • "only connect"
  • you'll have a much better understanding if you discover it in your own terms!

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