WebQuest Scotland/Loch Ness

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Loch Ness and Uruhhart Castle

Loch Ness is a very deep lake in Scotland.


Some people say that there is a monster in the lake. And some even claim (behaupten) they have seen it.

Interactive Exercises

Travel Diary

More exercises for past simple and present perfect!

Complete the sentences. Watch the signal words!

1. Have (?) you ever heard(hear) of Nessie?

      Yes, I have. I read (read) a newspaper article yesterday.

      Some people found (find) her last week.

2. Has (???) Sarah already seen(see) the monster of Loch Ness?

      Yes, she has (???). She saw (see) it yesterday.

3. Have(???) you ever taken (take) a photo of Nessie?

      I wanted to but I didn't have (not,have) a camera then.

4. Have (???) you bought (buy) a camera now?

      Look! I have just got (just, get) an iPhone with a brilliant camera inside.


Have you ever...?

Complete the sentences. Watch the signal words!

Have you ever been (be) to Scotland?
Yes, I have (???).

I went (go) there last year.

Have you ever tried (try) porridge?

No, I haven't (???).

I have already eaten (already, eat ) it twice in my life.

The first time it was (be) last year and it tasted (taste) terrible.


Crazy things

Have you ever played (play) with Nessie? Yes,I have (???) .

Have you ever bitten (bite) a dog? No, but a dog tried (try) to bite me last year.

Have (???) you ever drunk (drink) out of a toilet?

No, I haven't (???). But when I was a kid I drank (drink) out of a puddle (Pfütze).