Wales/Outdoor Activities

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  1. Read p 50/51 and do ex 1.

What are the people doing?

Say what the people are doing! Use Present Progressive.

Look! The boy is cycling on a single trail.
The man in the red jumpsuit is flying at over 60 miles an hour down the mountain!
Are they fighting now? - No they are playing rugby - the toughest sport in the world!
The people in picture 4 are climbing a mountain wall.
If you like water sports you can go canoeing. Look these people aren't surfing.
In the last picture the family is camping. They are sleeping in a tent!

Outdoor activities

Do you know these activities?

Windsurfing pictogram.svg Windsurfing
Beach soccer pictogram.svg Beach Soccer
Climbing pictogram.png Abseiling
Equestrian pictogram.svg horse riding
Rugby union pictogram.svg rugby
Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg Canoeing
Cycling (road) pictogram.svg Cycling

Don't mix them up!

Biking is a good way to keep fit. Mountain biking is a sport where you go down mountains on a steep trail.

If you buy glass bottles you can recycle them - to cycle means to ride a bike.

You build a house but you put up a tent.

A house has got walls but some mountains have some, too.

If you are outdoor you are in fresh air - indoors it's inside your house.