General Conversation/Active Listening

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You must show a real interest in you partner's statements and ideas. Therefore listen carefully to what your partner says and react directly to his statements! Don't forget to look at your partner during the conversation. Also show some emotional reactions (smile, laughing ...)

Active Listening

Showing that you're listening

  • "Oh yeah?"
  • "Mmm. "
  • "Wow!"
  • "Really?"
  • "Oh, I see."

Offering a correction

Noticing a partner’s error and saying what you think is correct. However, you should use it only sparely.

  • "Did you say, (challenging word)? "
  • "You said (challenging word), but I think it’s (correct word). "
  • "Are you sure that’s right? I think you mean (correct word)? Don’t you mean (correct word)?"

Offering new words

You can help your partner out, but you should do it in a very friendly way.

  • "Is it <say word or words>? "
  • "Do you mean (correct word)? "
  • "Maybe you mean (correct word). "
  • "Is the word you’re looking for… "

Interactive Exercises

Showing that you're listening

Put in the expressions to show that you are listening.

I went to the concert last week. - Really? How was it?

Great. There were about 500 people. - Wow. I didn't expect that many.

It was sold out. - Really? On a Thursday? That's amazing!

Agreeing and Disagreeing

Look at the sentences. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they disagree. Put in the correct answers.

Anne: I never watch Star Trek.

Tom: Neither / Nor do I. I think it’s awful. Pat: I do. I really like it. Alice: So do I.

Nick: I’ve never seen Jurassic Park! -

Anne: Neither have I. I’d like to see it.

Emily: I watched the comedy show on TV last night.

Sue: So did I. I really enjoyed it.

Adrian: I’d like to go to the cinema tonight.

Sarah: So would I. I’d love to see Julia Roberts.

Rachel: I’m not going to the pop concert next week.

Peter: Neither am I(). I haven’t got the money.

Alice: I like Westlife. They are big time.

Brian: I don't(). I hate them.

Neil: I’m going to watch the documentary this evening.

Sophie: I'm not().I’m going to meet my friends.

Mike: I’ve never been to a circus.

Sue: I have(). It was fun.

Jackie: I didn’t like the band much.

Adam: I do(). I think they were cool.