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Hier findet ihr Übungen zum Present Progressive, der Verlaufsform der Gegenwart. Sie wird verwendet, wenn etwas gerade passiert.

Interaktive Übungen

Easy excercises for beginners

Move the words into the gaps:

I am playing tennis.

You are watching TV.

We are listening to the radio.

She is doing her homework.

They are playing football.

He is reading a book.

Ausnahmen in der Schreibung

Say what they are doing at the moment. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form.

Be careful! Sometimes you must change the spelling. Ausnahmen in der Schreibung

0. I am dancing (to dance) to the music.

1. They are making (to make) a cake.

2. I am riding (to ride) my bike.

3. We are going (to go) to the zoo.

4. You are wrting (to write) a letter.

5. She is stopping (to stop) the car.

6. We are swimming (swim) in the pool.

questions & short answers

Bei Fragen wird das Hilfsverb dem Subjekt vorangestellt. Dieses Hilfsverb wird auch in den Kurzantworten (short answers) benötigt:

He's listening to me.

→ Is Becky listening to me, too?

→ Yes, she is.

The girls are playing football.

→ Are the boys playing football, too?

→ No, they aren't.

Interaktive Übungen

Put the words in brackets in the gaps:

Becky is getting (get) everything ready for the birthday party."

David: "Are you taking (take) everything out of the shopping bags?"

Becky: "Yes, I am (???). I am putting (put) everything on the kitchen table. Can you help me?"

David: "Yes, I can(???)."

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