Englisch/Grammatik/Tenses/Present Perfect/Übung 2

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Genau wie bei "Do you. . . ?" und "Can he . . . ?" wird bei Fragen im Present Perfect das Hilfsverb has/have vor das Subjekt gestellt.

Interactive Exercises

Past participles

Click on the numbers. Then put in the past participles of the given verbs:

said past participle of say
brought past participle of bring
broken past participle of break
caught past participle of catch
hidden past participle of hide
bitten past participle of bite
ridden past participle of ride
lain past participle of lie
slept past participle of sleep
stolen past participle of steal

questions & short answers

Form questions in the present perfect. Then give answers in the short form:

1. Have you ever been (you,ever be) to London yet? - No, I haven't (???) been there.

2. Have you already seen (you, already, see) the moon? - Yes, I have (???).

3. Where have you put (you, put) your English book? - Over there.

4. Have you already read (you, already, read) the newspaper today?

      - No, I haven't (???). I haven't had (not, have) time this morning.

5. Has Peter met (Peter, meet) your friend so far? - Yes, he has (???) .

6. Have you done (you, do) your homework yet? - Yes, I have (???).

7. Has the dog had (the dog, have) your breakfast? - Yes, it has (???).

8. Have you polished (polish) your shoes? - Yes, I have (???).

9. Who has just heard (hear, just)the noise? - I have (???).

(For the apostrophe use the #-key next to the Enter-key.)


Past Participles

Memory - Find the matching sets!

know known
hear heard
tell told
ride ridden
stand stood
give given
forget forgotten
go gone
speak spoken


Mark the past particples with your mouse.