Englisch/Grammatik/Tenses/Past Simple/Regular Forms

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Auf dieser Seite findest Du Übungen zum Past Simple und den regelmäßigen Formen mit -ed (regular forms with -ed).

Interactive Exercises

Regular Forms

Find the pairs!

fall fell
feel felt
know knew
give gave
to be was, were
stand stood

Yesterday Morning

Put the words in the gaps. (Drag & Drop)

Yesterday I called my uncle. He walked to our house.

Then he helped me with the homework.

When we finished it, we 'watched TV.

A Walk in the Park

Put the words in the gaps.

A taxi stopped (stop) and asked (ask) if we wanted (want) to go with him.

But my uncle Rudolph tried (try) to keep fit. He planned (plan) a walk in the park.

Uncle Rudolph jogged(jog) along and suddenly he tripped (trip) over a stone.

When I helped (help) him up I discovered (discover) 10.000$ on the street.