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Past Progressive Übung 2

Past Simple or Progressive?

Put the words into the gaps:

"Hello, my name is (be) Birdie. In our street the animals usually live (live) peacefully together. But now I want to tell you what happened (happen) yesterday. I was watching (watch) the other animals:"

A little dog was watching (watch) from the window. Cathy, the cat, was sleeping (sleep) on her sofa when suddenly the dog (start) barking.

Cathy, the cat, jumped (jump) up but she didn't run (not, run) away. She was just staring (just, stare) back to the dog. Then she went (go) out of the door and ran (run) after the dog! She was following (follow) him for a long way when she suddenly stopped(stop) !

The dogs were watching (watch) her. Daniel, the Great Dane, was sitting (sit) next to the little dog.