Englisch/Grammatik/Passive/Passive Past

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Im Simple Past besteht das Verb im Passiv aus zwei Bestandteilen:

was, were
(Form von "to be")
past participle (3.Form)

Interactive exercises

The King of Rock'n Roll

Put in the verbs in the passive form.

Elvis was born on Jan 8, 1935.

He was given a guitar when he was 9.

He was discovered when he recorded a song for his mother.

His first single was released in January 1956.

Military Service in Germany

Put in the verbs in the active or passive form.

In 1958 Elvis Presley got(get) a draft notice for his military service. He was allowed (allow) to finish the forthcoming album.

On March 24, 1958, he started (start) his service in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

He was sent (send) to Germany.

When his ship arrived (arrive) in Bremerhaven, he was greeted (greet) by thousands of German fans.