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Interactive exercises

Find the correct pairs.

Crocodile warning sign 02.svg Beware of crocodiles!
AU-SA road sign W8-SA102.svg There may be animals on the road!
Marinesting1.jpg Dangerous animals in the water
AU-SA road sign W8-SA62.svg Long trucks with 3 trailers

Road Safety Signs in Australia


Rewrite the sentences so that they mean the same as the signs.

As you can see, they are all If-Sentences!

Hi speed
Low IQ
If someone drives (drive) too fast, he is stupid.

Kill your speed
not a child
If you drive too fast, you may kill a child (???).

Rest or R.I.P. If you took a break, the danger of a fatal accident would be (be) lower.

Break up your trip
or break your neck!
If you stop (stop) more often, you won't have accidents.

Drowsy drivers die. If you are drowsy (tired), an accident will be (be) more likely.

Take a second
for a second look!
If I had looked again, I wouldn't have had (have) this accident.

Keep your eye
on the other guy!
If there was another car, I would keep (keep) an eye on it.


spare parts


What do the following words mean? Match the expressions (A-G) with their corresponding definitions.

A safety belt 1 protection against a crash
B gas station 2 show when you want to turn
C license plate 3 where you can fill up your car.
D door handle 4 The cars stood bumper to bumper.
E indicator 5 Someone who writes theatre plays.
F traffic jam 6 every car must display its registration
G traffic light 7 gives way to crossing vehicles
1 3 6 7 2 4 5