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  • Read the question(s)!
  • Does the question relate to only a certain (given) passage of the text?
  • Mark keywords in question, look up unclear words!
  • What is asked? What are you looking for? Decide what information you need before you read the text again – e.g. do you look for reasons, stylistic devices, facts/quotes that help to write a characterization?


Mark / collect material from the text that will help you to answer your question

  • Read the text one section/paragraph at a time to maximize your concentration.
  • Stop at the end of the section/paragraph and ask yourself: “What is important – what helps to answer the question?”
  • Mark the passages that help to compose your answer AFTER reading a paragraph and before moving on.
  • Annotate by writing e.g. the number of the question or a short tag on the margin of the text.


  • Structure your material (related ideas/arguments, order of importance ...)
  • Tense used in the question ==> Correct Tense of your answer?
  • Good Introduction?
  • Paragraphs with: thesis/topic sentence ==> supporting points ==> example ==> conclusion?
  • Are the paragraphs linked well ==> is the line of argument o.k.?
  • Does the answer really answer the question?
  • Are the promises from the introduction kept? (e.g "There are three reasons ..." - Do you give three?)