Wharram Percy

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"Hello, my name is Kitty Redhead.

I'm just finishing carrying these buckets of milk up to the Manor House. I'm a villein, you see, and this morning just as I was going to take my dough up to Ken the Baker's so that he could bake it for me the Reeve turned up on my doorstep and told me I had to take milk from the dairy up to the Manor for the Lord. As if I didn't have enough work of my own to do.

Anyway, now you are here I will show you around my village and tell you a little about it."


In this learning path you can learn much about medieval life. Today Wharram PercyW-Logo.gif(English)church stands isolated in the middle of farmland but 800 years ago it was a bustling farming community of two hundred souls.

Wharram Percy is the most famous of the many hundreds of lost villagesW-Logo.gif(English)of Medieval England.

A walk around Wharram Percy was originally written for Year 7 students by Colin Beswick. → more information

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