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  1. Read "A trip to Caldicot Castle" (page 62-63 in your English book).
  2. Do the interactive excercises.
  3. Do the Writing Exercises 1 and and send it to your teacher via mail or chat.



► Ex 1 Find the information.    

1.   Who went on the trip? ....

2.    Where did they go? ....

3.    When did they go? ...

4.    Who did they meet? ...

5.    What did they like best? ....

6.   What did they do in the end?                                                

'► Put these sentences in the correct order..

1 C    The students arrived at the castle.
2 E    The door opened and a knight stood there.
3 A    He showed them around the castle.
4 B    In the kitchen, the students learned about food from the past.
5 F    Before they left, Richard tried the stocks.
6 D    They said goodbye to Lancelot.

'► Did Holly like the trip? Complete her diary entry about the day.

Dear diary,

Today we visited Caldicot Castle. It was fanatastic! We met a knight at the castle. He was very funny and told us lots of interesting stories about the castle. He even told us that the castle has a ghost. It's a woman who lived here more than 500 years ago. He said you can hear her singing sometimes. Scary!

The best part for me was in the kitchen. I love cooking so it was really interesting to find out what people ate. I don't think I would like to go back to those days - they didn't have any chocolate then - and that's my favourite food!

In school I sometimes think our History classes are a bit boring, but this was different. I'm going to work harder at school now. That's going tosurprise Mr Yeates!


C. Fill in the right synonyms (words with the same meaning) for the underlined words.

0. Grandpa is another word for grandfather.
1. Next week we go/ travel to Wales.

43/1-3 f\ 6 ( task ) Choose one of the tasks.

a) Draw a plan of a castle or similar place in your area. Label it in English and add some information (how old?, who lived there?,.:.?)

b) Make a sound diary for the castle trip. Collect, make and record the sounds.

Play the recording to your class -can they guess the sound?

64      sixty-four