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Die Inhalte dieser Seite wurden der Digitalen Schule Bayern vom ISB zur Veröffentlichung der Jahrgangsstufentests in Form von interaktiven Lernpfaden zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Aufgaben sind frei. Autorentexte und Bilder unterliegen dem jeweiligen Lizenzinhaber und bedürfen dessen Genehmigung zur Veröffentlichung.


EL 119 Historical Tour

Listen to a conversation between two people at a tourist information office and mark the correct answer (a, b, c or d). There is an example at the beginning.

You will hear the recording once only. You will have 15 seconds at the end of the recording to complete your answers. You now have 30 seconds to look at the task.

The Historical Tour shows you...

a) ...interesting old houses (correct answer)
b) ... the market in the city centre
c)... the old town hall.
d) ... the market square.

The first Historical Tour begins at ...

(!... 9 o'clock.) (...12 o'clock.) (!...10.30 o'clock.) (!...12.30 o'clock.)

The ghost tour begins ...

(!... in front of the tower.) (!... at the tourist information) (... at the town hall.) (!... in front of the church)

For the ghost tour, each person pays ...

(... 10$) (!...9$) (!...5$) (!...2$)

If 10 people go on the tour together, they pay only ...

(!... 10% of price.) (!... 30% of the price.) (... 50% of the price.) (!... 70% of the price.)

You should pay ...

(!... before the tour.) (!... after the tour.) (!... at the information office.) (... your tour gide.)

Another interesting place in the city is ...

(!... the park around the castle.) (... a modern museum with art works.) (!... a modern square with old buildings.) (!...the modern town hall.)

Kirsten O'Brien

Listen to Kirsten O'Briens report. While listening complete the table below in 1 to 5 words/numbers. You will hear the recording once only. You will have 15 seconds at the end of the recording to complete your answer. You now have 20 seconds to look at the task.

1. Kirsten`s birthday February 23rd
2. Kirsten`s age
3. What she liked best at school
4. Her worst subject at school
5. Kirsten now works for
6. Her favourite book
7. Last thing she bought to wear
8. Worst thing she bought to wear
9. A problem Kirsten has
10. Favourite place to visit

1. February 23rd
2. 22 year/twenty-second/22
3. languages
4. chemistry or science
5. BBC/working for BBC/at the BBC
6. Little prince/A little prince
7. (woolly black) jacket
8. hat
9. biting/bite nails
10. New York


Read the text. Then decide if the statements are true, false or not given in the text. Tick the correct box.

Deep-Fried Cheese Sticks $ 2.95 French-Fries $ 1.50
Golden Onion Rings $ 2.75
Soups & Salads
Homemade Soups and Fresh Salads
Soup $ 1.50 Garden Salad with Cheese $ 2.95
Mixed Salad $ 1.50 Salad plus with cheese and ham or bacon $ 5.95
Free Refills on Tea & Coffee
Coffee $ .95 Juices small
$ .75
Hot Chocolate $ 1.00 Milk small
$ .90
$ 1.25
Hot Tea $ .95 Chocolate Milk small
$ 1.25
$ 1.50
Iced Tea $ 1.25 Lemonade small
$ 0.75
$ 1.25
Create your own Burgers Kid`s Diners
1/4 lb. Hamburger $ 2.25 For children under 12
Add these to your burger: - No carry out on children`s menu -
Swiss Cheese
$ .35
$ .35
Chicken Wings $ 3.25
American Cheese
$ .25
$ 1.00
Hamburger $ 2.50
$ .25
$ .50
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $ 2.25
$ .25
Sour Cream
$ .50
Teeny Weeny Dogs $ 2.25
Friday Fish Specials
Fish Fry
served from 11. a.m. to close
$ 6.95 Batterfried Shrimp $ 9.95
Includes choice of potato, bread, sauce & lemon

1. You can start your meal with noodles.

(!true) (false) (!not given)

2. Soup is cheaper than salad.

(true) (!false) (!not given)

3. Free refills are only coffee.

(!true) (false) (!not given)

4. There are three different kinds of hot tea.

(!true) (!false) (not given)

5. Hot milk kosts $ 1.00

(!true) (!false) (not given)

6. You can have a large cup of milk for $ 1.25.

(true) (!false) (!not given)

7. Kid's dinners are for children under 12.

(true) (!false) (!not given)

8. On Mondays you can have fried shrimp.

(!true) (false) (!not given)

Source: (visited 18.08.06, adapted)

Sensible Eating

Read the texts (0-5). Then match them with one of the headings (a to i). There are more headings than you need. You may use each letter once only. Write your answer in the table at the end.

(Hinweis: Die restlichen Buchstaben sind der Reihenfolge nach zuzuordnen)

0 You don't have to do without foods that you like. You just need
to reduce all foods you eat except fruits and vegetables.
For example, eat one cookie instead of three, or one slice of bread instead of two.
d: Eat smaller portions.
1 Put down your fork during your meal while you eat. You need time
for your brain to tell you when you are full. If you eat fast, you will eat
more than you need because you don't realize that you are full.
a: Take your time.
2 Keep away from high-calorie snacks such as chocolate and sweet drinks.
Choose low-calorie foods like fruits or vegetables.
h: Eat light food in between meals.
3 It's easier than you think to reduce your fat intake. Reduce the
amount of cream, butter, bacon, ice cream and cheeses that you eat.
Bake your food instead of frying.
c: Eat less fat.
4 Your need for drink depends greatly on age, weight and season.
Drink fluids throughout the day, especially water, drink less juice, soda, tea etc.
e: Drink plenty of water.
5 Try to limit eating after supper and before bed. g: Don`t eat late in the evening.
6 Übrige Buchstaben b: Think about what you are eating.
f: Don't have your meals together with others.
i: Drink plenty of juice and tea.