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Most tests include a Guided Writing in which you have to write about some prompts you have been given by your teacher.

Here are some sample tasks:

Become an astronaut

SpaceXY is looking for astronauts. Write a Letter of Application in about 200 words. Include …

  • why you want to take part in the program
  • which qualifications you think you have
  • ask for further details

Holiday in Space

One day it will probably be possible to spend your holiday in space.

Try to imagine what that might be like.

  • Who could travel? Price?
  • Where could you go?/Where could you stay?
  • What would you take with you?
  • What could you do in space?

Living on Mars

You are one of Mars' first residents. Write an email to a friend on earth and describe …

  • your accommodation
  • your daily tasks
  • a person you met there
  • an adventure

Write about 200 words. Don't forget a suitable beginning and ending.

Maybe you'll find some ideas with Isaac Asimov's "In the canyon" or the movie "The Martian".

My only ...

If you could only bring one thing with you to the moon, what would it be?

  1. describe the object
  2. why it's so special to you
  3. things other people need but you don't

Lost in Space

An accident has caused your ship to malfunction. You crashed on a planet but survived.

Mention …

  • what objects you could rescue
  • your accommodation
  • how you want to contact earth

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