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  1. You want to go out with a friend.
    • First discuss what you want to do.
    • Then call the boxoffice and order tickets.
      Write down some talking points and then act out your dialogue with a partner.
  2. Do the interactive exercises on the bottom of the page!

Interactive Exercises


Agree using "so", "neither" or "nor"

I like this band   So do I .
I didn't know they were so great!   Neither did I .
I am surprised they play here   So am I .
We didn't go to the last concert.   Neither did we .
I can see perfectly from here.   So can we .
I am hungry.   So am I .

2. Agree using "so", "neither" or "nor".

I like this band. - So do I() .

But I don't like the new front singer. - Neither do I() .

I have bought all their albums. - So have I () .

I'm going to go to their next concert. - So am I() .

Showing that you're listening

Put in the expressions to show that you are listening.

I went to the concert last week.

Really? How was it?

Great. There were about 500 people.

Wow. I didn't expect that many.

The box office


What do the following words mean? Match the expressions with their corresponding definitions.

A I'd rather ....   I'd prefer ...
B I'd better go ...   I should go ...
C If I were you, ...   ... in your position.
D I'm afraid I can't ...   I' m sorry but ...


box office: Can I help you?
customer:   "Yes, I'd like to know if there are any tickets for "WE will rock you!" left (übrig)?
box office: I'm afraid (tut mir leid, dass...) we have only seats in the first row."
customer: Oh dear (Ach du meine Güte). I'd rather (lieber) something else. ....