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# Do the [[#Interactive_Exercises|interactive exercises]] on the bottom of the page!}}
# Do the [[#Interactive_Exercises|interactive exercises]] on the bottom of the page!
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== Interactive Exercises ==
== Interactive Exercises ==
=== Lenny and Juliet ===
=== Lenny and Juliet ===

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  1. Do the interactive exercises on the bottom of the page!

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Interactive Exercises

Lenny and Juliet

Decide which answer A, B or C best fits each space. Underline the correct solution.

Lisa and her best friend Cindy have just watched the movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. Now they are talking about it and about the star.

Lisa: I really love that movie. It’s so romantic and Leo is very handsome.

Cindy: I think the story of the movie is very sad. If their parents _____ enemies, Romeo and Juliet could have lived together in love and harmony ... (!had been) (hadn’t been) (!have been)

...and they _____ . (!will have married) (!could marry) (might have married)

Lisa: Yes, That’s a big tragedy.

Cindy: If Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t play the main character in the movie, the story _____ less interesting. (!will be) (would be) (!was)

Lisa: That’s true. I love “Titanic” just because of him. I think he’s very attractive. If I were a famous model like Gisele Bündchen, I _____ to be his girlfriend. (!will try)(!must try)(would try)

Cindy: Don’t be silly! I think it’s horrible what happened to the passengers of the Titanic in the year 1912. If the Titanic _____ into the iceberg, it wouldn’t have sunk. (hadn’t crashed)(!wouldn’t have crashed)(!would have crashed)

Lisa: Yes, that’s right. I think the disaster was the captain’s fault. If the ship hadn’t been too fast, hundreds of people ______ . (!couldn’t have died) (wouldn’t have died)(!won’t have died)

Cindy: If you have time tomorrow, we ______ “Titanic”, I’ve got the DVD.(can watch)(!would watch)(!watched)

Lisa: I’m sorry. I won’t have time tomorrow. Paul wants to go to a restaurant with me. If he asks me out, we ______ to the new Italian restaurant. (!should go)(!go)(will go)

more conditional exercises

If I had stayed at home

Put in the correct forms of the verbs:

If I had stayed at home, I would have seen (see) my favourite band.

I would have saved a lot of money, if I hadn't gone (not, go) to the concert.

If I hadn't met (meet) Tom, I wouldn't have got (get) backstage passes.

I would have learned more for the test, if I had known (know) about it.