Robin Hood/Vocabulary

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If you want to

  • understand English texts and videos,
  • do the grammar exercises successfully,
  • write stories about …

Robin Hood you must know as many English words as possible.

  1. Take a DIN A4-sheet and collect useful words about Robin Hood in a Mindmap.
    • Collect nouns where Robin was and what things he had.
    • Collect verbs what he did.
    • Collect adjectives how he was.
  2. Do the interactive exercises.

Use of English

Jobs and people

An archer shoots with a bow and arrows.

I have many friends I like and some enemies who hate me.

Friar Tuck is a monk. He used to live in a cloister and pray to god.

Outlaws are thieves who steal things. (Actually they had been outlawed by the Sheriff and fled into the woods.)

The Sheriff and his men are the police.

A thief steals things.


There are many famous places around Nottingham. Can you find them?

Major Oak 01.jpg Major Oak - the biggest tree in Sherwood Forest
Statue of Robin Hood.jpg Robin Hood Statue
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem 03.jpg oldest inn in Nottingham
Nottingham Castle Gate 2009.jpg Nottingham castle
The "Caves" Nottingham Castle (geograph 4443548).jpg The Caves
Gallows at Caxton Gibbet.jpg the gallows
Mixed-forest.jpg Sherwood Forest

Action verbs

Put in the correct verbs.

Robin took money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

He could shoot an arrow straight into the target.

One day the Sheriff caught Robin but he escaped a day later.

Robin always wore green, but on the market he threw off his hood and everyone recognized him.

A farmer sold his products on the market - the town people bought them all.

Robin Hood

Robin shoots with sir Guy by Louis Rhead 1912.png
  1. Reading
  2. Use of English
  3. History