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(Markierung: 2017-Quelltext-Bearbeitung)
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| <div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:hotpink"></div>|| tropical watermelon
| <div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:hotpink"></div>|| tropical watermelon
|<div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:#590000"></div>|| deep reddish brwon
|<div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:#590000"></div>|| deep reddish brown
| <div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:#adff2f"></div> || yellowish green
| <div style="width:130px;height:130px;background:#adff2f"></div> || yellowish green

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  1. Make a mindmap and collect all words belonging to the world of fashion. You can find many on the Internet but it's better to create your own.
  2. Do the interactiove Exercises on the bottom of the page.

Words for materials and fabrics can be either nouns or adjectives.

natural:: silk cotton  velvet corduroy denim leather wool  suede

synthetic:   rayon  nylon   polyester   acrylic  acetate

How things fit:     baggy                  loose                    tight

Style:                     short-sleeved / long-sleeved       sleeveless       V-neck      turtleneck      pleated       double-breasted

General:                elegant       trendy        well dressed      old-fashioned         messy    casual        grungy (informal)

Imteractive exercises

Getting dressed

Here are some verbs and phrases associated with clothing.

He undressed/got undressed, throwing all his clothes on the floor.

I usually wear jeans, but I also like to dress up/get dressed up for partics.

Can I try on those red shoes in the window?

She took off her shoes and put on her slippers.

He changed out of his sports clothes and into his uniform.

That black bag matches your shoes.

Those shoes don’t fit my son anymore. He's grown out of them.

5. Here are some adjectives for describing people's clothing or their appearance.


tropical watermelon
deep reddish brown
yellowish green
pale green
dark brown


Paisley muster 01 1774b35756.jpg Paisley
Abercrombietartan publiek domein.png| Plaid
5x5checkerboard.png Checkerboard
Polka dot.svg Polka dots
Bandera del Comtat d'Empúries.svg striped
Solid yellow.svg solid
Pinstripe.jpg pinstripe


Match the following material with the item they are most likely to be associated with from the box.

satin ribbon  

cashmere sweater 

leather boots


nylon jogging suit         

cotton T-Shirt

corduroy pants