Pronouns/Mixed Exercises

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There are many little personal and possessive pronouns. You can help yourself with this table:

Subjektpronomen   Objektpronomen   possessive determiners   possessive pronouns  
1st person sg I me my … mine
2nd person sg you you your … yours
3rd person sg he, she, it him, her, it his …, her …, its … his, hers, its
1st person pl we us our … ours
2nd person pl you you your … yours
3rd person pl they them their … theirs

Interaktive Übungen

Mixed Bag

Complete theses sentences with a suitable pronoun. (... mit einem passenden Pronomen)

1. Is this cake for me? Yes, it is for you().

2. Give me() an apple. I am hungry.

3. Tim is hungry. Give him() a sandwich.

4. Is this cake for me? Yes, it's yours().

5. Is your mother at home? Yes, she() is sitting in our(the house belongs to us) dining room.

6. Do you know Tom? Yes, I() know him.

7. The boys are there. Do you want to talk to them().

8. I haven’t got a pen. Give me yours (you've got one!).

9. Why is Linda here? Because she() wants to see your(You painted your room blue.) new room.

Further Exercises

Complete theses sentences with a suitable pronoun.

1. Do you know Betty? Yes, I know her().

2. Do you know that, Betty? Yes, I know it().

3. Are those boys English? Yes, we() are.

4. Are you German? No, we() aren't. I()’m American and he’s French.

5. It's Anthony's birthday, so I'm buying him() a present.

6. Antonia is looking for the Christmas presents. Aah, this is hers().

7. You have the keys of my car, so please give them() to me.

8. That's a nice cake. I want it() all.

9. We are going to the supermarket and Kirsty is coming with us().

10. Linda wants some biscuits, so give these biscuits to her().

11. We always take our bags with us() when go shopping.