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Past Progressive

Interactive Exercises

The Birds (beginner's exercise)

Move the words into the gaps:

Two bird were sitting on a tree. One of them was singing and the other was listening.

The cat was slowly climbing up the tree. The birds weren't seeing the cat. The cat wasn't making one bit of noise.

But a dog was watching them. When he started barking the birds weren't singing anymore.

The cat wasn't climbing up anymore but jumped down. The birds weren't sitting there anymore. They were hovering (flying on one spot) in the air.

What were you doing?

Put in the correct verbs.

I was watching TV when the phone rang.

While I was sleeping my aunt phoned me.

Yesterday I visited my aunt. We were having tea when suddenly her cat jumped on my lap.
Mieze Mia

The cat was watching the fish in the aquarium when a dog barked.

The dogs were wathcing the cat while it was sleeping.