National Parks/General Overview

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The United States of America have 60 protected areas known as National Parks. Maybe you know some of them. This part should show you how many parks with different scenery and natural wonders exist.

  1. Use the weblinks below (or just search in the internet) to look for the answers.
  2. If you like pictures, just browse and look for more information.
  3. Do the interactive quiz! Do you know everything?

Interactive Exercises

Facts and records

What is the oldest National Park? (Yellowstone) (!Plimouth Plantation) (!Jamestown) (!Yosemite)

What is the largest National Park in the USA? (!Yellowstone) (!Rhode Island) (Wrangell-St. Elias) (!Death Valley)

What is the deepest canyon? (!Grand Canyon) (!Black Canyon) (Kings Canyon) (!Antelope Canyon)

Which states have the most national parks [2 of them] (!Texas) (!New York) (California) (Alaska) (!Washington) (!Florida) (!Utah) (!Colorado)

Which is the most visited national park in the USA? (Great Smoky Mountains NP) (!Yosemite NP) (!Yellowstone NP) (!Everglades) (!Grand Canyon National Park) (!Rocky Mountain National Park) (!Zion National Park)

The highest mountain of the USA is Mt McKinley [6193.5m] in ... (Denali NP [Alaska]) (!Yellowstone NP) (!Yosemite NP) (!Mount Olympic NP)

The biggest national park is Wrangell-St. Elias with 33.682,5 km² (about the size of Nordrhein-Wesfalen or Switzerland). It also covers three climate zones.

The deepest canyon is Kings Canyon with 8200 feet (2504m); the Grand Canyon is only a mile deep (1600m).

California and Alaska both have 8 national parks (10 States With The Most National Parks In The United States

The lowest point in the US is Badwater which is 282 ft (86m) below sea level. It's in ... (Death Valley NP) (!Dry Tortugas NP) (!Everglades NP)(!Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky)

The longest cave system of the world is in … (Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky) (!Hawaii Volcanoes NP) (!Mount Olympic NP)


By now you must have seen lots of pictures.

Match the sights with the national parks they are in.

Grand Canyon NP-Arizona-USA.jpg Grand Canyon
Grand Prismatic Spring - panoramio.jpg| Yellowstone
Turret Arch through North Window (crop).jpg Arches NP
Mesa Verde National Park 03.jpg Mesa Verde
Girl Posing at Glacier Point Yosemite 2013.jpg Yosemite
Dry Tortuga from Helicopter.jpg Dry Tortugas
Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley.jpg Death Valley
Everglades Alligator verkl.jpg Everglades
Cove-mtn-trail-tn3.jpg Great Smoky Mountains
Mount McKinley and Denali National Park Road 2048px.jpg Denali
Dean Franklin - 06.04.03 Mount Rushmore Monument (by-sa).jpg Mount Rushmore
Pahoeoe fountain edit2.jpg Hawaii Volcanoes
Antelope Canyon Mittags.jpg Antelope Canyon