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Hier findet ihr einige Beispiele aus alten Abschlussprüfungen. Die Anzahl der Prompts wurde auf 4 (früher 6) gekürzt. Unterstrichene Begriffe geben euch beim Anklicken mit der Maus einige Tipps!

Write about 200 words. → Seit 2010 müsst ihr einen Umfang von ca. 200 Wörtern schreiben!

Theatre Project (2017-A)

Every year, your school organises a THEATRE PROJECT. Write an e-mail to inform your English friend about this year's event. Include the following information:

  • why you took part in the project
  • what your task was
  • one problem and how you solved it
  • your plans for next year's project

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

English Writing Competition (2017-B)

You take part in an English writing competition. Write a story and include the following aspects:

  • friends on holiday
  • problem
  • one additional aspect
  • happy ending
Even if prompt 2 deals about a problem you must find four ideas and so you have to do with prompt 3 ( one additional aspect).

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

English Day (2016-A)

There is an English Day at your school. As a member of the library team, you want to promote the English department of the library. You write an article for the school's website.

Include the following ideas:

  • what activities are planned in your library that day
  • what else makes your library an attractive place
  • why children should read in English
  • how students can support the school library team.

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

Letter of Complaint (2016-B)

You ordered 25 copies of a book on the internet for yourself and your classmates. Unfortunately some problems occurred.

Write an e-mail and …

complain about:

  • payment
  • delivery


  • the services on the hotline
  • what you expect the company to do

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

See also:

A trip through Europe (2016 NT)

You are planning a trip through Europe with an English friend in your summer holidays. Here's your friends e-mail:

Hi there,

I'm already very excited about our trip. We still have to decide on a few things, such as:

  • our travel route
  • what activities we want to do there
  • what kind of transport would be the most suitable one
  • what kind of accommodation whe should choose and why.

Let me hear what you think.



Find a suitable beginning and ending.

World Heritage Week (2015-A)

You want to help at the World HeritageW-Logo.gif(English) Week in your local area. Helpers are required to hand out informative flyers, to serve snacks to customers and to look after children. Write a letter of application and include

  • your reasons for applying,
  • valuable experience with previous jobs,
  •  personal qualifications and
  •  suggestions for entertaining young children.

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

Award for attractive places (2015-B)

There is an award given to the most attractive places in Europe. For the competition you want to present a place or an area that you like a lot. Write a text and describe

  • why the area or place is special,
  • one attraction in more detail,
  • what the local people do for this area or place and
  • what positive effects the award would bring.
Don't describe your local football-ground! Choose a really famous and important place.

A Gap year (2014-A)

Your friend wants to have a Gap yearW-Logo.gif(English) in New Zealand before starting an apprenticeship as a nurse in a children's clinic. She has sent you the following email:

Hi there,

You won't believe it;  my parents will pay for the flight to New Zealand!

Isn't that good news? © Now, I just have to decide which summer job to choose.

I have two possibilities in mind: working in an animation team at Papamoa

Beach Holiday Resort, or working as a waitress at a cafe in Wellington,

the capital city of New Zealand.  What do you think is the better choice?



Answer your friend's mail. In your mail include the following aspects:

  • tasks
  • location
  • spare time
  • colleagues

Find a suitable beginning and ending.

Sea Kayaking (2014-B)

Sea kayak, Te Pukatea Bay - panoramio.jpg

You have just been on a kayak tour in the Bay of Islands with friends for five days. After reaching the next youth hostel you write a blog entry about your adventure.

In your blog entry, include the following aspects:,

  • reasons for going on the tour
  • someone you met
  •  the most beautiful moment
  • what you will do differently on a future trip

Your blog entry starts like this:

Hi guys!  Hello from New Zealand!   I'm back from my kayak tour in the Bay of Islands and here's my story:  …

Continue the story. Write about 200 words. (Do not copy the beginning of the story.)

Application (2013)

You read the following advertisement. Write a letter of application. In your letter,

  • mention your reasons for applying
  • describe your previous experiences in the fields mentioned
  • talk about further personal qualifications
  • enquire about the salary, the place of work and working times

Find a suitable beginning and ending. You don't need to write any addresses.


The Irish tourist board is looking for helpers during the International Tourism Fair in September 2013.

Duties vary from welcoming guests, giving information about holiday facilities to selling souvenirs.
Experience in the sales sector and computer skills desirable, but not obligatory.

Requirements: Good appearance and ability to remain friendly while coping with stress.

e-mail to a friend (2013)

For the summer holidays you want to spend one week in Ireland together with a friend. Read your friend's e-mail.

Hey there!

How's everything going? Only a couple of more weeks and we'll be on holiday together in Galway! It's about time we got down to arranging some of the details, I'd say... Here's what I can come up with so far:


What do you think?


Answer your friend's e-mail. In your mail, mention

  • what you like about staying at a youth hostel in Galway city
  • what you like about camping
  • possible disadvantages and decide on one of the options
  • a way to travel and which activities you definitely would like to do

Find a suitable beginning and ending to your e-mail.

(Here's an example: Guided Writing/Exam Tasks/Holidays in Ireland)

Short Story Competition (2012 NT)

You take part in a short story competition for a London tourist magazine. The competition rules say the story must take place at a London sight and has to end with the following words: "... She / He waved goodbye before the doors of the tube closed."

Write a story of about 200 words. Include the following prompts:

  • the sight you have been to
  • the people you met
  • what happened to you
  • one additional aspect

Reading Competition (2012-A)

You took part in an international reading competition. You came fifth but you think you were better. Send a letter of complaint to the organisational team and complain about...

  • organisational problems,
  • sound and light,
  • and the jury.
  • Suggest ideas for improvement.

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending.

School magazine (2012-B)

You and some friends started a school magazine. Write an article in which you motivate the pupils of your school to become a member of your team.

In your article you explain...

  • why you started the magazine.
  • what qualities the writers need,
  • what topics pupils can write about
  • and how pupils can apply.

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending.

Summer camp (2011-A)

An American friend of yours is planning to start his own business. He wants to organise summer camps for European students in Florida. He would like to know what you think about it.

Write an e-mail to your friend.

In your e-mail ...

  • say why you think it is a good idea
  • mention possible risks
  • explain how you could help your friend
  • write about your own future plans

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending.


You took part in a summer volunteer program in India. Back home you write an entry for your blog beginning with the words:

My three-week summer volunteer program in India came to an end all too soon. Working with little children at a day care center in Jaipur was the experience of a lifetime. ...

Your blog entry should include the following aspects:

  • what you did during the program
  • one negative experience
  • why you think it was worth it
  • how you would like to support the project in the future

(Do not copy the beginning of the blog entry.)

Work & Stay (2010-A)

You have just read the following advertisement on the noticeboard in your school:

You have decided to apply for the Work & Stay Program in Alaska. Write your letter of application to Sally Grigg.

In your letter, ...

  • explain why you want to go to Alaska
  • say which area you have experience in and why
  • describe your personal qualities
  • ask for further details on one of the following: accommodation, activities, people on the ranch

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending. You do not have to write any dates or addresses.

Language Courses Abroad (2010-B)

You are taking part in the Language Courses Abroad program in the US. During your 3-week stay, you decide to write an e-mail to your English-speaking friend.

In your e-mail, write about:

  • why you are taking part in the program
  • what you have enjoyed most so far and why
  • your host family
  • your plans for the last few days in the US

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending.

Not so perfect (2009-A)

You booked a photographer at Perfect Pixx to take pictures for a special event. Unfortunately, the photographer did not do a good job. Write a letter of complaint to Perfect Pixx.

  • Describe the event,
  • say what went wrong,
  • how you tried to solve the problem
  • and what you wanted the photos for.

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding, birthday party or other special event? PERFECT PIXX makes it easy for you to get the photos you want.

You simply choose a photographer from our wide range of professionals and we will take care of the rest. Our personal service allows you to relax, enjoy the event and look your very best.

Something strange (2009-B)

While you were jogging through the streets in the morning you found a mobile phone lying on the ground. The display showed the following picture: In the evening, you write an e-mail to your English-speaking friend. Write about...

  • your first reaction,
  • who you thought the phone belonged to,
  • what you did next and
  • how the story ended.

Your e-mail starts like this:

Hi Emma,
Today, when I went jogging, something strange happened. I found a mobile phone lying on the ground. The display showed a picture with a burglar wearing a black mask!!!...

Continue the story. Write about 200 words. (Do not copy the beginning of the e-mail.)

Report for local newspaper (2008-A)

You won a free stay at an NPS holiday camp in the United States.

Picture with prompts

Back home, you write a report for your local newspaper about your stay. Cover all the points in your notes.

Letter of application (adapted from APr 2007)

You want to do a summer job on a cruise ship. You have just read the following advertisement in the newspaper:

Write a letter of application to New World Cruise Ship Employment Agency and include the following aspects:

  • position desired/working experience
  • languages you speak
  • personal qualities
  • favourite travel time (reason)

Do not forget to write a suitable beginning and ending. You do not have to write any addresses.

Lost in London (2oo6)

You lost your way in London while you were on a school-trip. Write a report in your diary about what happened and refer to the following items:

  • Where and at what time did it happen?
  • How did you feel?
    Das ist eine der schwierigsten Aufgaben im guided writing!
    Versetzt Euch in die Lage eines Anderen!Ihr seid allein in London und erst etwas ratlos, dann kriegt ihr langsam Panik. Zum Schluss die Erleichterung, wenn man wieder bei der Gruppe ist! Explain!

  • What did you decide to do?
  • How did this adventure end?

New Year's Resolution (2oo5)


The woman in the cartoon is disappointed in her husband and writes to her best friend. Her email includes the following:

  • details of New Year’s Eve
    Read the task description, the prompts and the cartoon!
    Now you know pretty much about the last day of the calendar year:
    New Year's Day and New Years Eve (not Silvester)"

  • your husband's resolution

  • possible reason for changing his mind
  • her reaction

My new mobile (2oo4)

You have just got a new mobile phone. Write an email to your English pen friend about it and mention the following items:

  • when and how you got it
  • why you wanted a mobile
  • what’s so special about it
    In prompt 2 schreibst du, warum du ein Telefon haben wolltest (→ simple past)
    In prompt 3 beschreibst Du dein neues Telefon
    color, size, price, features, etc
    (→ simple present!)

  • what regulations there are at your school

The mystery about UFOs (1998)

Look at the cartoon and write down the report that one of the policemen gave when he was back at the police station. Don't forget to mention

  • the time
  • the place
  • what actually happened


  • what he thought and felt about this incident.

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