Food/Going to a Restaurant

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Eating out (Mediation)


Use of English

Mixed Grammar

"Please wait to be seated"

1. Put in the verbs in the right form. (All tenses, but no passive)

We went(go) at a good restaurant yesterday after we had read (read) about it in the guide book. Next to the entrance door there was (gab es) a sign which told us to wait to be seated. The waiter came (come), introduced him(???)self as Tom and showed us our table.

We were reading (read) the menu when suddenly Tom came (come) and gave (give) each of us a glass of water.

We told (tell) we wanted to drink (want, drink) something else. He just laughed (laugh) and said (say) that he would take our orders in a minute.


2. Put in the verbs in the right form.

(All tenses, but no passive; +Adverbien → nicht für 6.Klasse!)

We were celebrating|celebrated (celebrate) Bob’s birthday and so Bob asked if he could become a steak. The waiter laughed again loudly (loud) and said “I hope not, Sir”. Then he asked if we wanted to get (bekommen) a steak. We now understood(understand) .

3. Put in the verbs in the right forms. (All tenses, passive or active! → nicht für 6.Klasse!)

A few minutes later my friend Bob got (get) the biggest (big) T-bone steak he had ever seen (see, ever) . Then he was asked (ask) by the waiter if everything was ok.

Bob replied (reply) “The steak was grilled (grill) perfectly by your chef.”

When we finished (finish) all plates and forks were taken (take) back to the kitchen where everything was cleaned|would be cleaned (clean) by the dishwashers.

4. Fill in the correct form of the verb. (all types of conditionalnicht für 6.Klasse!)

a. If you read (read) that book carefully, you would understand it.

b. If the children are (be) good, they can stay up late.

c. I would order|'d order (order) that seafood dish if it were not so expensive.

d. He will be ill if he eats(eat) too much.

e. If you eat that much, you won't be able to eat|will not be able to eat (not , be able, eat) an ice cream as dessert.

f. If Bob was older, he would have|'d have (have) more sense.

g. If the waiter was (be) friendlier, we’d give him more tip.

h. You will kill|'ll kill (kill) yourself if you always work as hard as that.