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  1. Read the leeters and the answers.
  2. Write an answer for the last letter. (60-80 words)
    • Keep a space (leerzeichen) between full-stop (Punkt) and the next sentence (end. Next sentence ...)
    • Use typical phrases and structures.

Is piercing safe?

I really want to get my tongue pierced. I'm old enough, I've got the money and my parents say it's ok. I'm all set to have it done, but I keep hearing horrible stories and now I'm uncertain. I've heard that it chips your teeth, dints the roof of your mouth, can paralyse your face and can sometimes go so badly wrong that you have to have your tongue amputated! I've also heard that a pierced tongue can make it really difficult to get off with people. Is this true? Should I get it done or not?

BSB fan, 16, Notts As a doctor, I can only advise against having your tongue pierced. The human mouth is full of bacteria, which can cause nasty infections if they get into the wound. Piercing itself can damage blood vessels in the tongue and cause heavy bleeding, and it has also been linked with Toxic Shock Syndrome. I'm sorry not to be more positive, but if you are having second thoughts, listen to your own common sense and put it off until you've thought it over more fully. If you have any doubts at all, then don't do it!

He's younger than me

"I recently got off with this really cute guy at a disco, and we both want to go steady. The problem is, he's 14 and I'm two years older! It doesn't bother me when we're together, because we get on really well, but I'm worried about what other people will think. What should I do?

Worried BSB fan, 16, N Ireland

It sounds as if you really like this guy, and the fact that you both get on so well shows he's quite mature for his age. You don't say exactly how big the age gap is, but if you've only just turned 16 and he'll soon be 15, people aren't going to take much notice. If not, then it really depends on how well you think you can handle other people's remarks. If you think you can get over the age difference, then give it a go.

Talk to this guy. Explain that you're worried about what others might think. Ask your friends for advice. But If you and this guy are Into each other as much as you say, I think you've got a strong chance of It succeeding!

He dumped me for football

My boyfriend's broken up with me because he says he's too busy with exams and football. I understand his reasons, as he wants to be a professional footballer, but I love him loads. Can we still be friends, or should I forget him?

Footie crazy, 15, London

It sounds as if this guy felt he just had too much going on in his life and needed some space. I'm sure that he still has feelings for you, so do talk to him. There might be a chance of you getting back together. But if not, tell him you still want to be mates. He may not be ready to juggle footie, school and a girlfriend, but hopefully he'll see that he'd be stupid to cut off someone who cares so deeply. Good luck!

I've never been kissed

My problem is that I'm the only one in my street who's never been kissed. I fancy this boy who ...