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  1. Take a look into your wardrobe and try to find the English names for all your clothing items.
  2. Make a mindmap about all words belonging to the world of fashion. You can find many mindmaps on the Internet but it's better to create your own.
  3. Do the interactive exercises on the bottom of the page.

Interactive exercises

items of clothing

Maki-clothing-store-11.svg v-neck shirt
Atypicalwesternshirt.svg shirt
Emojione 1F456.svg blue jeans
PoloshirtDrawing.svg polo shirt
Spodnie.svg pants
Faenza-preferences-desktop-theme.svg pin-striped suit and tie
Rainbow Socks symbol.png rainbow socks
Toicon-icon-avocado-wear.svg a pair of gloves
Twemoji2 1f9e3.svg scarf

shoes & footwear

429-running-shoe.svg sneakers / trainers
Boot icon.svg a hiking boot
Botte caoutchouc dessin couleur.svg wellingtons /
rubber boots (AmE)
Havaianas06 flipflops.svg flip-flops
Pump 2 (PSF).svg a pair of pumps
High heels.svg high heels
Fxemoji u1F461.svg sandals


Heraldic Pearl Necklace.svg pearl necklace
One ring.png wedding band / ring
Ammolite jewellery.jpg jewellery
Wallet.svg purse / wallet (AmE)
Tux Paint sunglasses 01.svg a pair of sunglasses
Bag (example).svg women's bag / clutch / purse
Belt.svg leather belt

Getting dressed

Here are some verbs and phrases associated with clothing.

He undressed/got undressed, throwing all his clothes on the floor.

I usually wear jeans, but I also like to dress up/get dressed up for parties.

Can I try on those red shoes in the window?

She took off her shoes and put on her slippers.

He changed out of his sports clothes and into his uniform.

That black bag matches your shoes.

Those shoes don’t fit my son anymore. He's grown out of them.

items crossword

Beim Klick auf die Ziffern im Kreuzworträtsel öffnet sich ein Eingabefeld zum Eintragen. Trage die englischen Begriffe ein!

dress Girls and ladies wear it when they dance ...
scarf you wear it around your neck when it's cold ....
trousers Blue jeans are a kind of ...
swimsuit If you go into water you need a ...
gloves In winter you put .... on your hands.
sunglasses They protect your eyes against the sun ...
pullover like a sweatshirt but often made from wool ...

Valentina Ivic, Muhamet Trbunja (6a, 2012)