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alternative Energy sources - pro and cons

  • wind power
    • large wind turbines are unsightly structures , not pleasant to look at
      disfigure the countryside and are generally ugly
    • The huge blades pose a danger to birds
    • whirring noise
      keeps you awake at nights
    • everlasting, infinite
    • needs steady and strong wind
    • often in coastal areas, offshore
    • if wind is too strong, it must be shut down
  • wave power
    • no dam needed
    • less investment costs</span
    • inexhaustible (there will always be waves)
  • biomass
    • CO2- emission is neutral
    • makes good use of waste material
    • corn is used for energy instead of feeding people
    • locally produced energy
  • hydroelectric power
    (damming up rivers)
    • The dam will be profitable after a few years
    • It's an expensive investment
    • creates lakes for recreation, boat traffic
    • salmon and other fish can't reach their spawning grounds
    • inhabitants of river villages have to be relocated
  • nuclear energy
    atomic reactors
    • long construction time
    • high investment costs
    • nuclear waste is radioactive for many generations (36,000 years)
      • no system is fail-safe
        melt-down, radioactive leaks

Interactive Exercises

Find the suitable words:

In many countries, factories are still allowed to pour dangerous chemicals into rivers, seas and oceans.

Some teachers and pupils at our school started a recycling campaign last year.

They taught us how to separate rubbish .

Everyone can try not to produce too much waste.

Tthis is the easiest way to protect the environment.

Motor vehicle emissions cause air pollution.

So it's better to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.

Alternative energy can be produced in many forms: The sun shines every day and provides light and warmth.

The sun also beautiful scenery. The huge (D) m a d is impressive, as are the (E) la If pipes leading down to the (F) o w p e r house. A manufacturer of (G) v o 1 p o h i c t o t a .................... systems has provided two models: one of a house with solar (H) pe sanl ............ on the roof and another one of an area with solar (I) losmedu consisting of 64 tiny solar (f) slelc In another room, a miniature model of a(n) (K)niwd turbine will be set up, with a five-metre-high (L)rowte ............. Visitors can actuate the (M) o r t o r blades by pushing a button. Information boards with photos showing the interior of a(n) (N) cane lie explain how (O)niwd energy is generated. The(P)basgoi plant will be the highlight of the exhibition. Visitors are taken to an actual farm! There they can put (Q)sambios .............. intoa(n) (R) narypliremi tank,from which it moves through a pipe into the (S)stdigeer of ahuge domed- shaped (T) sag holder.

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word of the same word family that fits in the space in the same line.

SUCCESS  The studentsucceeded () in finding a role for a theatre.
SOLVE  The solution() of our energy problems are renewable energies.
TRAVEL, CULTURE  When you travel() to a city, you may will see some cultural() sights.
CHOICE  <img src="images/horses.jpg" class="rechtsbuendig" alt="horses">I will buy a horse, but I need to choose() between the Abaco-Wild horse or the American Quarter horse.
FUN  That joke was very funny () .
PROGRAM  When your computer is down, you will need a programmer() to fix it up.
SIMPLE  In the future they want to simplify () the programmes even more.
   Sophia Bauer, Saskia Wolf (10a)